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or Energetic Test BEST - Body Energetic System Test®

The need for the mapping and documenting of actual energetic processes running in the human body after application of non-source means of Psychosomatic arttherapy was at the birth of energetic diagnostics ARTTEST. Excellent results and experience gained over a period of nine years have become a prerequisite for the creation of the energetic test BEST (body energetic system test), which may be utilised both by acupuncture specialists, and specialists of other fields engaged in the issues of health, prevention, protection, and support of human health, in particular related to the energetic systems of man.

Energetic Test BEST - Body Energetic System Test®

Enhances existing possibilities of energetic diagnostics ARTTEST, in particular software-related ones. Monitors the impedance of the human organism using an alternating signal of 1 kHz generated by the ARTTEST III device. Enables monitoring:

  • the actual energetic balance of the human organism as a whole - hyperactivity, hypoactivity, chaos, harmony
  • the state of energetic pathways and relevant organs, such as the lymph, lungs, heart, large intestine, kidneys, liver, and other organs
  • the energetic response of the organism to applied therapy, such as acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation, chemotherapy, psychotherapy, effects of food, cosmetic preparations, and others

  • energetic causes of somatic, psychosomatic, and mental disorders
  • others
Energetic Test BEST - Body Energetic System Test®
  • is non-invasive, gentle, painless
  • enables examination of the actual condition of the physical energetic system of man
  • enables archiving of measured data and monitoring of the patient´s/client´s energetic processes over a certain time interval
  • tabular and graphic outputs are used as evidence of energetic changes, for example, after application of particular therapy
  • the device itself may be used both with manual data recording, or with a computer-based mechanical recording system
  • is indispensable for medical fields, acupuncture, and associated professions, especially if a physician (therapist, consultant) encounters diagnoses such as: burnout syndrome, fatigue syndrome, non-specific pain, migraine, neurosis, aggression, and many others
  • enables the control of action, effects, or load of applied therapeutic method
  • enhances already accepted unsubstitutable diagnostic methods of a new dimension
  • brings the originality, workmanship and mobility

Presentation of the energetic test BEST - body energetic system test, without obligation to order, will enable everybody who deals with the energetics of the human body to gain personal experience with this diagnostic method, and to take a professional stand.

One of the basic assumptions of health is the harmonic flow of metabolised energy in the organism. Stress, burdens on an environmental level, an unbalanced diet, a lack of sufficient movement, inflammatory and degenerative illnesses, etc., may appear as energy spasms and could interrupt the flow and quality of electromagnetic energy in the organism. Blockages, jamming, stagnation, reduced, or on the contrary, increased activity could arise. An insufficiently smooth flow of electromagnetic energy in the organism could result in the disruption of the functions of vital organs in the body, or, for example, in the weakening of the immunity system.

We often experience disharmony of energy through feelings of discomfort, nervousness, or by depression, psychological weakness, irritability, migraines, a lack of concentration, sleepiness, blood pressure problems, a malfunctioning circulatory system, rheumatism, arthritis, stomach problems, or fatigue. Disharmony also adds to an increased susceptibility to infections and viral, inflammatory, or degenerative illnesses.

The ARTTEST III monitoring device will help you to expand on already-established and irreplaceable diagnostic procedures, into a position of unparalleled dimensions in determining the causes of illnesses. Beginners can attend the specialised seminar entitled ENERGETICKÁ DIAGNOSTIKA (Energy Diagnostics), which we arrange for you.

With the ARTTEST III monitoring devices, you can keep a check on:

  • The energy in the human organism as a whole (hyperactivity, total energy collapse, chaos, or harmony)
  • The condition of energy body
  • Click for full sizeThe energy response of the organism to applied therapy, the burdens of the surroundings, testing of foods, supplementary foods, medication (only for doctors), cosmetics, perfumes, etc.
  • Energy diagnostics - help reveal the energy causes of illnesses, etc.
The advantages of the ARTTEST III monitoring devices.
  • Professional approach towards the client * Simple operation * Data records entered manually or through PC connection * Software included in the device price * Digital display * Small size * Reliability * File of clients * Archiving of data - up to 40 values per one measuring session * Quick energy test * Evaluation of energy diagnostics by software * Offer of resources for harmonisation of the organism's energy * PC display in table and graphical form * 2-year guarantee * Warrantee and post-warrantee service * EZÚ (Electrotechnical Testing Institute) approved. Click for full size
The use of the ARTTEST devices on the PC:
  • Conventional medicine - energy diagnostics, monitoring physical energy system of the client (fatigue syndrome, etc.)
  • Alternative medicine
  • Healing - speedy orientation towards energy of client + testing effectiveness of energy treatment on the client.
  • Cosmetics - detection of energy causes of, for example, over-sensitive skin, testing of cosmetics, perfumes, etc.
  • Massages + rehabilitation - determining energy blockages + demonstration of effectiveness of massage procedures or rehabilitation.
Technical parameters
  • The size of the device is 68x113x20 mm, weighing approx.130g, incl. sensor and battery, and is powered by two AAA +1,5V batteries. The 3.5 MB software works on all standard PC's with Windows Operation Systems and higher, and can not be sold separately.
  • The price of the device, including software, is CZK 155.000,- Kč / 11.923,- US dolars / 6.739,- EU
Upon request, we can demonstrate the device for you. You can obtain further information at the contact numbers stated above. Come and visit us - we are looking forward to meeting you.


Utilize of Energetic Diagnostic ARTTEST - EDA®
  • condition test (physical body)
              - hyperactivity          - harmony
              - hypo-activity          - chaos

    Monitoring effect of:
  • stress and emotion
  • art
  • therapy
  • foodstuff
  • environment
  • homeopathy
  • working load

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